Map The Things Network

The primary mapping application for The Things Network is TTN Mapper. JP has 3m+ data points already.

I built this app before knowing about TTN Mapper. It has some advantages:

Collecting Data

We want your data in whatever way it is available. We'll build out different ways to submit as we go.

1. Upload Existing Data

Many of you may already have recordings of successful transmissions paired with GPS data.

Tweet us a link to your data: Tweet #MapTheThings

Or submit a pull request with your data in a reasonable format (CSV, JSON, XML, YAML, EDN) in the Github project/data directory.

Make certain to include GPS coordinates, RSSI and SNR values for successful TTN messages.

Let me know if your data includes attempted transmissions that failed - we're interested in that data to show packet loss.

2. GPS Nodes

You are welcome to create your own nodes and use them to transmit GPS coordinates to the Map The Things server.

3. Map The Things - App & Node

Use the Map The Things iOS app and hardware node to submit coverage samples.

You start the node and start the app and then move around the coverage area, either as part of a specific data gathering mission or just a normal day's wandering. The app will report all attempts to send a message (via the API) as well successful transmissions via TTN. The resulting data will enable us to distinguishing between untested areas and those that have been tested and found wanting.

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